Canada is a top choice for people looking for a new place to work, study and build their lives with their families. Newcomers and visitors fuel our economy and add vibrancy to our communities. That is why an effective, innovative, and resilient immigration system is critical to position Canada for success, and to provide a transparent and fair experience for newcomers.


In order to maintain our status as a strong multicultural country and as a destination of choice, our immigration system of the future must be nimble and better meet the needs of our country and of newcomers. The report identifies actions to transform Canada’s immigration system, informed by engagement with a broad range of partners and stakeholders. Some changes are already underway, while others are in development.

This includes

  • positioning the immigration system to adapt quickly and to respond equitably and sustainably to growing global humanitarian crises
  • developing a new Francophone Immigration Policy to enhance the vitality of Francophone minority communities, while maintaining and increasing the demographic weight of French linguistic minority communities in Canada
  • improving the International Student Program by working with provinces and territories on a Recognized Institutions Framework so that post-secondary institutions with high standards in key areas such as integrity and student supports can benefit from faster processing of study permits
  • integrating housing, health care and infrastructure planning, along with other important services, into Canada’s immigration levels planning, in close collaboration with provinces, territories and municipalities
  • building an advisory body of newcomers with experience in immigration to inform program and policy improvements, as well as service delivery
  • creating a Chief International Talent Officer position to more effectively align immigration programs and pathways with the labour market, including industry and sector strategies
  • making our website more user-friendly, so that applicants can easily find the information they need

Source: IRCC Newsroom – Oct 31, 2023