Study Permit

Every year, the number of international students looking to study in US and Canada is increasingly  rising as their overseas destination to broaden their experience and continue their education. 


The United States and Canada has one of the world’s best education systems, with outstanding programs in virtually all fields at both undergraduate level and graduate level and for those who want to continue and complete their education.


Students will have the opportunity to work and get experience directly with some of the finest professionals in their choice of study, and also give them the opportunity to extend their education with exclusive research and workshops. U.S. and Canada degrees are recognized throughout the world for their excellence.


Both United States and Canada is the home to the world’s best colleges and universities, boasting at least ten times as many campuses as in any other country, giving both undergraduate and graduate level programs, degrees and diplomas, in many areas of technology and research.


They also have some of the best programs to upgrade their professional skills with Cutting-Edge Technology.


The land and people of the USA and Canada are also incredibly varied. Wherever you choose to study, you will encounter a regional culture rich in history and local traditions.


J-Pier helps  potential students with

  • Admissions Letters
  • One to one free Counselling 
  • Information on different programs and fees
  • Course and College Selection
  • Application procedure
  • Visa procedure and filing guidance
  • Inform Opportunities to Students about work permit and immigration.
  • Future Immigration Options 

Work after studying in Canada

One of the major advantages to study in Canada is that eligible graduates can obtain Post-Graduation Work Permit on completion of their studies. 


PGWP's are issued up to three years, depending on how long the student has studied in an recognized institution in Canada


The advantage  to enter the Canadian workforce and gain valuable Canadian work experience helps prospective students to immigrate permanently to Canada


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