The Government of Canada will be introducing a process to allow entry for extended family members of Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents. 


Additional Processes are being introduced to support greater family reunification, entry for compassionate reasons, and the safe and gradual entry of some international students. 

More specifically, these processes will provide for the entry of

  • Certain extended family members of Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents, including those in an exclusive dating relationship of at least 1 year and their dependent children, as well as adult children, grandchildren, siblings and grandparents


  • Foreign nationals for compassionate reasons in specific circumstances, such as life-threatening illness, critical injury or death, with potential limited release from quarantine


  • Effective October 20th, 2020; Int’l Students enrolled at Canadian designated learning institution will be able to enter Canada so long as their Schools/Universities has a [approved] COVID-19  readiness plan 
  • Travellers should not make any travel plans until they have met all requirements and received all necessary authorizations.

The Government of Canada is also working toward introducing a new process to allow foreign nationals to be eligible to enter Canada for compassionate reasons, including being present during the final moments of life for a loved one, providing support to a person deemed critically ill, providing care to a person who medically requires support, and attending a funeral or end-of-life ceremony.