IRCC) has implemented a temporary public policy that exempts certain low-risk, in-Canada, foreign nationals from submitting an immigration medical examination (IME) as part of their application when their previous IME has expired. This supports faster processing of applications to help eligible foreign nationals quickly obtain temporary or permanent resident status.


This exemption applies to foreign nationals who have 

  • a new or pending application for permanent or temporary residence or a permanent resident visa, made from within Canada
  • completed an immigration medical exam within the last 5 years and posed no risk to public health or safety, or reported to public health authorities for monitoring, as required

When submitting an application, applicants must provide the unique medical identifier number from their previous medical exam. The temporary public policy will remain in effect until October 6, 2024. Applicants who are not eligible under this temporary public policy are required to undergo an IME as per usual health screening procedures. IRCC will contact individuals who are not eligible for the exemption to discuss next steps.


Source: IRCC Notices [Ottawa]