Assessment of PGWP:

If the applicant remained in Canada while a student and took leave from their studies during their program, visa officer will determine if the applicant was compliant with the conditions of their study permit conditions. If the applicant took a period of leave that was authorized by their DLI at any time during their studies, applicant must include documentation proving the leave was authorized by the DLI with their application.  IRCC Officers may request additional documents to complete their assessment. 

If the officer determines that the student actively pursued studies during their leave, the student may still be eligible for Post Graduate Work Permit.

Non-Compliance to SP conditions: May be banned from applying for a post-graduation work permit for 6 months from the date individual stopped unauthorized study or work, per subparagraph R200(3)(e)(i)

Part-time status for final academic session [IRCC guidance]

Students must maintain their full-time student status during each academic session of the program or programs of study they complete and submit as part of their post-graduation work permit application. 

However, if a student meets all the eligibility requirements, with the exception of full-time status during their final academic session (that is, they have part-time status only in their final academic session), they are still considered eligible for the PGWPP.