Canada can now confirm permanent resident status without in-person interviews through a new portal. [Applicable to inside Canada applicants]

This new process implemented as part of Covid measure; has reduced the time it takes to land new permanent residents.

This portal is not for checking an application’s status, as it is separate from the IRCC secure account where applicants submit and update their information.

Once your immigration application is approved, IRCC will send you an invitation to confirm whether or not you want to use the portal, your email address and all email addresses for each person on the application.

IRCC will then create an account for you, as you cannot create one for yourself.

After they receive your response to their invitation, they will send another email with a link to the portal and instructions on how to sign in with your username and temporary password.

Afterwards you can sign in and create your password, confirm you are in Canada, update your postal address and upload your photo.

IRCC will review the details/photo uploaded to the portal and if accepted; PR Card will be processed to be dispatched via mail and Electronic Copr [Confirmation of Permanent Residence] can be downloaded from the same portal. 

IRCC will contact applicants if there are any problems with the PR card process.