Canada is working to help employers involved in hiring foreign workers by offering below listed helpful measures 

  • No need to submit minor administrative changes to the LMIA that would not change the terms and conditions;
  • Recruitment requirements for LMIAs in agriculture and agri-food sectors are being waived until October 31, 2020; [Processing is priortized]
  • Maximum duration of employment under LMIAs has increased from 1 to 2yrs for employers of workers in the low-wage stream as part of a three-year pilot;
  • Employers applying under the Agricultural stream or Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program can submit a previously valid Housing Inspection Report; and
  • Name change process has been expedited for employers who need to put a different person’s name on the LMIA for reasons related to COVID-19.

Canada is also offering resources for employers to make their operations safer for new foreign employees, including a $50 million initiative to allow workers to complete the mandatory isolation period.

Also, Median [min] hourly wage for provinces have increased effective May 11, 2020 




















Temporary foreign workers are playing a key role in helping to safeguard the continuity of Canada’s food supply and health security as well as trade and commerce. 

Due to the ongoing service disruptions related to COVID-19, IRCC has announced a public policy to temporarily exempt certain foreign workers from giving biometrics before coming to Canada.

Workers in agriculture, agri-food, truck drivers  and health-Care will now be giving their biometrics on arrival at Canadian Ports of Entry [POEs]

Canada continues  to perform security checks to ensure the safety and security of all Canadians.