Upon receiving the application, IRCC will verify that the pending or failed refugee claimant working in the health care sector


If the applicant does not meet all of the above conditions (eligibility requirements), IRCC will render a decision under the applicable public policy.


As per eligibility, pending refugee claims will be placed on hold with IRB

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment claims may be held in abeyance (that is, put on hold) until a final decision on the application for permanent residence is made.


IRCC will also verify that the applicant

  • has not been found ineligible to have their claim referred to the IRB
  • has not had their claim
    • determined to be withdrawn or abandoned
    • determined to be manifestly unfounded or with no credible basis
    • excluded from refugee protection pursuant to section 1(F) of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees
  • has not had their refugee status determined to be ceased or vacated

Applicants intending to reside in Quebec

Applicants will be invited to submit the Demande de sélection permanente form and supporting documentation for selection to the Ministère de lImmigration, de la Francisation et de lIntégration (MIFI).

If the applicant intends to reside in Quebec, IRCC will put the application on hold while the applicant awaits a decision on their Demande de sélection permanente. Once a Certificat de sélection du Québec decision is received, IRCC will assign the application for an eligibility decision.


If the applicant intends to reside in a province or territory other than Quebec, IRCC will assign the application for an eligibility decision.