The Current U.S. administration announced on Aug 09, 2021 a partnership between the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) that will allow immigrants to apply for their residence or green cards, as well as their Social Security number (SSN) same time.

Starting now, for the first time, all new lawful permanent residents will have a chance to avoid this dual process. 

This measure will enable applicants filing for lawful permanent resident status to apply for a SSN or replacement card as part of the adjustment of status application, USCIS said in a news release.

After approving Form I-485, in most cases USCIS will electronically transmit the data to the Social Security Administration. Upon receiving the data, the Social Security Administration will automatically assign an original SSN or issue a replacement card, as appropriate. This partnership with the Social Security Administration will not increase the filing fee for Form I-485. 


This change to Form I-485 is effective immediately, and applicants can begin filing with the updated form today. USCIS receives about 576,000 Forms I-485 annually.