Destination Ontario' staff at Toronto airport to greet new international students 

New Incoming students from all over the world will have a proper welcome at Toronto’sPearson International Airport this Friday, August 30, thanks to a new collaboration between Ontario postsecondary institutions and several municipalities. 

Temporary "Destination Ontario" kiosks established on the Arrivals Level of both Terminals 1 and 3 this month are designed to welcome and orient some of the half-million international students that are coming to study in Canada this fall.

Staff at the welcome booths will greet international students exiting Customs and Immigration with a welcome package, offer assistance with transportation and accommodation options, provide free calls home to inform family members, and other helpful services. 

The new, sustainable business model operates as a partnership involving 15 Ontario colleges, four universities and six municipalities, all of which contribute to the program's $250,000 annual budget. The kiosks are staffed from 7 am to 11 pm seven days a week until September 8, and again between late December and mid-January to welcome new international students starting in the winter semester.