IRCC on Oct 27, 2023; announced plans to implement several measures aimed at strengthening Canada’s International Student Program and at better protecting genuine students from fraud. 


These measures include the following:


  • Starting December 1, 2023; post-secondary designated learning institutions (DLI) will be required to confirm every applicant’s letter of acceptance directly with IRCC.
  • Starting Fall of 2024; IRCC will adopt a “recognized institution” framework to benefit post-secondary DLIs that set a higher standard for services, support and outcomes for international students. These DLIs will benefit, for example, from the priority processing of study permits for applicants who plan to attend their school.
  • In coming months; IRCC will complete an assessment of Post-Graduation Work Permit Program criteria and begin introducing reforms to better calibrate it to meet the needs of the Canadian labour market


These important reforms mark the initial changes identified through the review of the International Student Program, as well as the broader engagement initiative, An Immigration System for Canada’s Future.



International education accounts for more than $22 billion in economic activity annually


Source: IRCC Newsroom -