Service Canada has improved the online My Service Canada Account (MSCA) to allow anyone with an account to view their Social Insurance Number (SIN) securely online.

  • Clients who apply for a new SIN online will be able to view a confirmation of their SIN digitally on MSCA.
  • Clients with an existing SIN, and who already have an MSCA account, will be able to view their SIN securely in the MSCA application.
  • Clients who have an existing SIN, but do not have an MSCA account, will be able to view their SIN securely online after creating an account and validating their identity.
  • Clients will still automatically receive their SIN confirmation letter by mail.

This digital service will improve efficiency and reduce the need for clients to visit a Service Canada Centre, especially newcomer and international student clients, who account for the majority of our SIN service transactions. Coupled with the ability to apply for a SIN onlinethis new service can help clients self-serve digitally from start to finish in the SIN process, avoid in-person queues, and have access to a digital record of their SIN any time they need it.


Quick facts

  • Applications for SINs are rising sharply in Canada, primarily due to the growing number of newcomer arrivals. This influx is having a significant impact on the demand for in-person services at Service Canada Centres.
  • In fiscal year 2022–2023, of the 2.6 million SIN transactions recorded, newcomers (e.g. international students, temporary or permanent residents) accounted for 70 % of the total number of clients (1.8 million).

Source: ESDC