The Great White North is especially popular among "the types of people that countries prize."

Canada has replaced the U.S. as the most desirable location for migrants moving for work, and the change seems to have everything to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a survey from Boston Consulting Group, respondents in 190 countries were most likely to pick Canada as a destination, while the U.S. was in second place. The U.S. had placed first, and Canada third, in BCG’s previous surveys carried out in 2014 and 2018. 

“Hurt by an inconsistent pandemic response, the adoption of more nationalistic policies, and social unrest, the U.S. has fallen to second in the rankings, behind Canada and basically in a tie with Australia,” BCG said in its report, released this week.

 “The country is the number-one work destination for many of the types of people that countries prize, including those with master’s or PhD degrees, those with digital training or expertise, and those younger than 30.”

Source: Boston Consulting Group