Business Visa

Canada business immigration programs are designed to attract and retain qualified business and managerial talent that will contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy. 

The Canadian immigration system provides many different business,investor, and entrepreneur programs for business people who want to immigrate to Canada and put their business/managerial experience to use. The Canada business immigration programs are popular among business persons as Canada business visas can facilitate an expedited Canadian immigration process

Whether you are seeking to acquire a business, start a business or become part-owner of a business in Canada, the Canada business immigration program could be a fitting immigration option. 

Canada business visas are offered through programs found at the federal level, provincial level, and within Quebec.

A Canadian Business Visa can be obtained under the following categories:

1. Federal Programs

2. Quebec Programs

3. Provincial Programs

J-Pier Immigration can assist  to finance your investment through an authorized Canadian financial intermediary

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