The new Rural Renewal Stream and the Rural Entrepreneur Stream are intended to encourage skilled and talented professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world to settle in rural Alberta communities. Eligible rural communities have to be outside the Calgary and Edmonton metropolitan areas, and have less than 100,000 people as per the 2016 census.


The Rural Renewal Stream is for people who have a job offer from an Alberta employer to work in a designated rural Alberta community. Alberta is currently accepting applications from rural communities to participate in the Rural Renewal Stream. A limited number of communities will be selected to participate as a designated community in this program.


With many Alberta rural communities struggling to find qualified professionals to meet their current and future workforce needs, the Rural Renewal Stream will help attract, welcome and retain newcomers who will contribute their skills and talent to grow local economies.

Eligible rural communities interested in receiving newcomers must apply to become a designated community. During the first year of this program, a limited number of communities will be selected to participate as a designated community.

Communities, represented by an economic development or similar organization, with approved applications will be able to begin working with employers and settlement providing organizations to attract newcomers and help them settle permanently in the community.

The Rural Entrepreneur Stream will attract immigrant entrepreneurs to rural Alberta communities to launch businesses that will create jobs and help stimulate economic recovery and growth.

Entrepreneurs interested in starting or buying a business in rural Alberta will be able to visit the communities so they can see where they will live and operate their business, and for the community to meet the entrepreneur and assess the business idea.

The Rural Entrepreneur Stream is for entrepreneurs who want to start or buy an existing business in a rural Alberta community.